How Do I Specify the Number of Digits Displayed?

Hello, everyone. I just want to know how to display more digits in text.

What I currently get:
"Gold: " + ToString(GlobalVariable(Gold))
Result - Gold: 1

What I want to get:
Result - Gold: 00001

I want the number to always show 5 digits. Any help with this will be appreciated. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

Hi this works but is a lot to proccess maybe someone has another solution.

Basically add a variable string to use as pad like “00000” then assign to text

SubStr(VariableString(Game.Pad), 0, StrLength(VariableString(Game.Pad))-StrLength(VariableString(Game.Coins))) + VariableString(Game.Coins)

Note my coins are in a scene structure variable in your case just use GlobalVariable(Gold) instead of Game.Coins


Add a Javascript event, with the following lines of code :

var globalGold= runtimeScene.getGame().getVariables().get("Gold");

runtimeScene.getVariables().get("GoldAsString").setString(right("0000" + globalGold, 5));

This will create a new scene string variable GoldAsString, which will have the Gold value padded out to 5 digits.

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You can actually do this without javascript, too. The built in expressions can do it, for the most part.

StrRepeat("0",(4 - StrLength(GlobalVariableString(GoldAsString)))) + GlobalVariableString(GoldAsString)

More info on how I did it back in 2020 here: Why isn't this code more efficient? - #6 by Silver-Streak


Here based on Silver answer I made this little extension to make your life easier.

Sorry for my English I am not native or bilingual


Thank you so much for the answers. I will try them all. :slight_smile:

This one really worked well for me. Thank you so much. :slight_smile: