How do I stop an infinite loop of random text?

So… I am having trouble getting a random letter to ‘stick’ into a text object. Basically, I have a player type a word into a box. The word then appears on a grid with a different text object for each letter. I restrict the player to type a maximum of 10 letters. I can get the letters the player types to go into the boxes (no problem there) but then I want to fill in the blank text objects with random letters. This is what is not working :confused:

The rest of the grid is filled with “FILLER” text objects and they fill up fine (Line 175 of the code in the attached picture). However, when I try and test for lack of text in the player’s word (e.g. text object ‘w1l10’ - word one letter 10 etc) and fill it the same way all I get in an infinite loop of letters :question:

  • I have tried creating a separate set of variables with attached letters (the RG/RanLetter vs RG1/RanLetter1 ) /* If RG =1 then RanLetter = ‘a’ etc
  • I have tried ‘Trigger Once’
  • I have added a variable to the condition for each one that adds +1 in the actions for each one - so that it is trying not to do all at the same time.

I am at a loss, and am out of caffeine, so need new ideas :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ???

Cough* I don’t think I understand what are you trying to do…

How can the text objects go blank ? Due to white spaces (like with spacebar) in between (like R T where a random letter would be placed in between R and T) or only at the end due to the limit of the entered word’s length ?

Maybe because GD is confused as to what value you really want for RG1. Try to remove the condition w1l9 and below. If only w1l10 remains and it works, then GD is confused as to the value to give RG1, whether the value from w1l10, w1l9, etc. since they all assign a value to RG1 at the same time.