How do I stop my sprite from glitching?


My sprite seems to be glitching between the idle animation (0) and the falling animation (3). Everything was working fine in the preview until I shut GDevelop down overnight. I restarted GDevelop this morning and the glitch started occurring. Nothing has changed in the events area, and the sprite animations are perfectly in proportion in terms of sizing etc.

I’ve had a look for solutions online, but all seemed to be solved by fixing issues that I’m not having, such as different sprite sizes between animations etc. Everything was fine when the project was saved and it just randomly loaded like this.

What kind of glitch?

Is the problem still occurring?
Check the related events (animation/state change), and check the hitboxes of all the animations of the sprite.

Do some basic checks
Player sprite, hitbox and origin point
If your player has a platformer behavior check the parameters, gravity, jump, jump sustain.
Platforms where the player can walk/jump
Last check your latest added events and see if everything is good there.
If none of this tips helps you, just take some screenshots of you player and events so we can see what could be happening there.