How do I switch between paused scenes?

I am trying to make a game where in one scene you have a dog, and in the other you have a cat. I have code to where you can switch the scenes using Left Control.

On my dog scene i have:
Condition: LControl pressed. Event pause and switch scene.

On my cat scene i have:
Condition LControl pressed. Event: stop and go back to paused scene.

My dog scene is saved where its at, but my cat scene always restarts. I see the bug, but i cant find the fix.

Nevermind. I found a way using 1 single scene and just recentering cameras.

Just in case to answer this for anyone who finds this thread:

Paused scenes work like making a new stack/deck of cards that you’re drawing from. And you can only ever place one card back on top at a time.

So going
Scene 1: Pause scene and change to Scene 2
Scene 2: Pause scene and change to Scene 3

Lets you have two paused scenes (Scene 1 and 2), and an active scene. (Scene 3)

Then using the “Stop and go back to previous scene” from scene 3 can only bring you back to Scene 2. Similarly, from Scene 2 you can only go back to Scene 1.

You cannot use the “Pause scene and change to scene 1” action to resume Scene 1. You cannot go directly from Scene 3 to Scene 1, basically.

With that in mind, there’s no way for you to flip back and forth between Scene 3 and Scene 2, pausing both of them. One would restart every time.