How do i take PEM file of my game quickly?

hello guys
so i need “PEM” file again for update my “upload key certificate” in google play console
i emailed to “” 4 day ago , no one answered to send me file

is there any way to get this file soon as possible?

I can’t help but wonder what the urgency is.
Either way, please confirm that you followed the instructions listed, and I’ll bump your request:

Send an email to with:

  • “Upgrade to Google Play Signing” as the subject

  • In the body, give the email of your GDevelop account, and the link to the page on the Google Play Store of your game.

We’ll send you back by email the two files (encrypted private key and certificate file) that you need for the next step.

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dear @Gruk
hello again
i send an email and explained what is happened
thank you <3