How do I translate a large block of text eg a tutorial to multiple languages?

Hello, fellow Devs. I would like to know if there is a way to translate a large block of text to another language eg English to Spanish. I have followed the multiple menu language example and implemented it correctly but I’m wondering if there is a simple way to translate a large block of text for instance I want to translate my tutorial from English to Spanish, French, etc. Please and thank you.
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@L_e_m_o_n_T_e_a Thank you for your quick reply. However. I am asking about events that can translate a large block of text. I already have the translations but I want to know how I can switch from one language to another when the text being translated is large, unlike in the example(multi-language menu) where it’s just a few words.

You will need to use javascript to make a call to a translation API.
If you don’t know javascript, do it manually using any automated translation platform. Few words or hundreds words make no difference, it’s just a copy-paste, right?

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@Gruk Thank you for your reply .I will try and see how it goes. Do you have any recommendations for the api

Its all cool,thank you . I figured it out. I chose to translate the tutorial and store the different languages in separate scenes then load them when selected.