How do i turn of anti-aliasing on text

the text has a font, the font is Ponderosa Font | and I have enabled round pixels and scale mode is on nearest but yet the text still feels like it has anti-aliasing but just less blurry version of it

The best way would be to turn this into a bitmap font and use that feature.

Otherwise, try to use this font in multiples of what it was created in (which appears to be 10px). Or, some have had success making the text object very big and then shrinking it down (for example, if you wanted 25pt text then make it 50pt and then decrease the size of the object to 50%). You’ll still have a tiny bit of blurriness though.

the size of the texts are either 10 or 20 or 30, also is this considered a gdevelop bug, because it seems like it

Not a bug, that’s how regular fonts are designed to work. GDevelop introduced bitmap font objects in order to remedy this for pixel based games. If you search the forum you’ll see that people have struggled with this for years. The solution is using the bitmap font object.

To add some detail, my understanding is that this is not a bug. GDevelop’s renderer (PixiJS) displays fonts using the default OS font renderer. This means that it is rendering the font at whatever the native resolution is and is expected to be using true type font standards involving vectors. Pixel fonts are not normally made using real/standard vector logic, as well as that unless your game is being rendered at 1920x1080, the font is having to be zoomed in some, leading to a blurred display.

Bitmap text objects use bitmap fonts, which do not use the operating system renderer and then can be treated by GDevelop as a rendered image. This is the correct solution if using a pixel font and/or making a game that isn’t native resolution for the display it is on.