How do I use an Xbox 360 controller in my video game?

How do I…

How do I use an Xbox 360 controller in my video game, and what are the codes? I also need pics or a small video on how please.

What is the expected result

To just plug an Xbox 360 controller into my school computer or any computer i want and play my video game.

Explain what should happen when you run the game.
I should be able to move left, right, and jump. I should also be able to skip my cut scene by pressing left on the Directional pad, and us the face buttons as attacks to my boss. I need to also be able to press right on the directional pad to pop up words for my paper I pick up.

What is the actual result

My controller does not even connect even when I plug it into my computer. It’s on but I can’t use it.

Related screenshots

Try different controller numbers

Like instead of 1 go with 2 or 3 or 4
I remember someone had same issue and for him 2 did work or maybe 3 i do not remember

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I will try it. thank you.

It didn’t work. I think I’m just using a school computer. Instead of a personal, but I also want to know if its possible if I can talk to the founder or maker of GDevelop 5? I need to discus somethings with him.

Generally/usually no.

If it is base engine support related, there is no included support with the engine beyond the community help on the forums/discord/github.

If it is support related to a paid
pro tier account, you can contact the support info given when you signed up for the account.

If it is commercial business related, you can reach out to (note that inquiries on any of the above items will be ignored)

If it is anything else, again: Generally no.

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Why not? I just need to talk to him to see if he could come and discuss GDevelop 5 to my fourth period class. So if you can get in contact with him can you please tell him to shoot me an email.
My personal email is:

I doubt that the founder has the time to explain Gdevelop to a class in a random school. I recommend going through tutorial videos and/or forum post to fix your problem.

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okay. Do you want to see what I am working on? I just started GDevelop 5 three months ago. I didn’t know anything about how to code in JavaScript. I only learned my trial and error. I have not watched any videos either.

Sure. Also, it could be a connection problem. Try going to settings to see if anything’s out of order.

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Does the controller work with the computer in other apps?

Unrelated, but it depends. Usually, games from the 360’s era most likely are compatible, assuming that the games where also on the 360. It should also work for most games on steam. As for regular applications, I doubt.

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I am still working on it but I only got this far in three months. If you want to share this to the creator of GDevelop 5 to use in their video thing and anybody else please do. I didn’t know anything about JavaScript or even GDevelop 5 but I learned my trial and error.

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Nice work on your game! Cool to see you added dialogue and a cutscene.

Originally, I couldn’t find an answer to your problem, until I looked at one of my past projects to send as an example you could use. Sure enough, there’s a difference between both of our codes. Here’s the snippet of code in question.

As you can see, the events for movement are under another event, that checks if a gamepad is connected.
Maybe this is why moving with a 360 controller didn’t work for you before, so try adding this.

Also, still doubt that the founder of Gdevelop (or @4ian, as he’s known here) has the time to watch this video, plus, it’s not like I really have any status high enough to get his attention, I just make games of varying quality.

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Thank you once again but I’m just using a school computer that’s why I can’t use the controller. Also is the video thing just for the members or is it for everyone? Do you have any suggestions for me regarding my video game?

The video thing is just for members (lucky I had a spare account I could use).
Also, as for suggestions for the game, I would say add a new mechanic / unique gimmick in every, or some new levels (you can keep the first level basic if you want).

Now, you mention your using a school computer to make your game, and that’s why you can’t use a controller. Have you tried building your game, and then running in on a personal device? It’s not perfect, but it will at least confirm that controller controls are working.

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Well I wish I could use a personal device but I don’t have one just yet. Lol. Do you want to talk via email, or google chat? We can even work on your games or my games we might be creating.

Thanks for the offer, however, I’ll have to reject them, I already have a lot of projects to work on, not including any new ones that come out of game jams.

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That’s fine. I know I am busy too.