How do I use clipboard Write?

I’m trying to use the clipboard extension to copy the text from an object to the clipboard and it’s not working.

If it’s working for you can you give me the javascript and the creation process or straight up what I’m doing wrong.

I’m a beginner

We can’t tell you what you’re doing wrong if you don’t show us :slight_smile:
Share a screenshot, please

Read the description of the extension when you install it.
The details of the extensions are explain just before click on INSTALL.

The clipboard isn’t fully supported from my memories and the extension contain only an string expression for read the content of the clipboard.

Like said Gurk share with us what you do is the first thing to show :wink:

I observed the same thing. In the public extension you have just the read function, but I found the write function too (inside a tutorial game) and it works fine.

Indeed this exist in an example, but it work only on desktop games.

You mean this?

I want to write into the clipboard to be able to paste that thing somewhere else

Can you tell us what’s the game, please?

This is a tutorial from YouTube Using the Clipboard (he had this behaviour there)

This is my screenshot with no Write behaviour

Done! And I just have to add a few more characters to send it.

I installed the clipboard extension and there’s only a read function, no write function.
You should contact the author of that tutorial to ask him to share his function with you :slight_smile:

@arthuro have made change on the extension in the p2p example but there is nothing published officially.
The lastest extension is here, and experimental.
If someone can test and give feedbacks, for read and write, and on webapp and desktop exports, because both use different tech for write and read.


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How can I install it?

Hi Bouh! How can I install the json file you sent?

Go to the extension search and click on import

Tried it. It says I can import only GDevelope Even-Based Files

False Alarm! Still not working

I got this to work ok, thanks
(I was following the same tutorial :slightly_smiling_face:)

Make sure to remove the non-working extension,
and make sure to save the “Clipboard.json” file above with that filename
(it’s important to keep the .json extension)