How do I use or make a scrollable list control?

The game I’m going to make requires a scrollable list control.
I think it’s pretty hard to implement a scrollable list control based on the text object…

So I want to use some pre-made GUI controls like JQuery or PureQML or something like that on GDevelop.
Is there a way to show a GUI control made by external JS libraries like JQuery on the scenes of GDevelop?

No idea about your JS stuff, but to scroll a text, I believe you can (put it on a separate layer and) drag its camera.


Nevertheless I believe some UI controls would make game completion a lot easier.
After all most games need some entry screen and maybe some settings.

I am currently hammering my head for creating some UI buttons that would likewise be navigable via mouse, touch, keyboard and game controllers. Finding the next button/sprite just by direction (up, down, left, right) seems a challenge for me.

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