How do i use the deprecated text entry object?

The new text input object is great for single fields, but is really limiting if you want to have a multiple text entries (like a “form”) that you could tab/arrow between, or stylize your text entry for rpg fields (with effects/etc).

Is there a way to flip a flag somewhere and add the more complicated but far more versatile text entry object back without having to start from an old, saved file? It feels like it was deprecated erroneously.


I’m sorry the new text object isn’t working for you. Unfortunately, deprecated events and objects cannot be added in the scene or event editor.

It does seem odd to deprecate the text entry when it is allows things the “replacement” is incapable of. I’ve also used the old text input for creating multiple fields i could jump between when hitting enter. Are there plans to add “targeting” commands for the text object? The text object is really great for a single field, but is actively clicking on/off each field to target them seems kinda a step backwards.

I agree with everyone here. The current text input is missing features. My suggestion is to add a feature request. I would definitely support it. If we can’t get the old one back then we need the new one to be expanded.

I think that we could add a condition to check if a particular key is pressed (Tab, Up, Down, etc…) so that you could use this to then focus another field?

For the stylized text, what I recommend is to make the text field transparent and to have a text object behind it (i.e: what you were doing with the text entry, except that now there is a real “invisible” text field on top of it allowing to type, even on a mobile phone).


I feel like another use case was also not consider is when you just want to capture text input. You don’t want to display the input, and you don’t want to distract the gameplay, you just want to know what keys the player press. For example, I’ve used the text entry object to implement cheat codes and combos this way. If the player presses “up,right,up,down,up,left” then something happens, clear the entry, ready for the next sequence of inputs.

It seems to me it is not possible to replicate this with the new text input object because the object needs to be in focus, and it is disrupting the gameplay when it is in focus.
I would like to see this functionality to capture input even if the text input is not in focus, to return.

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in general, being able to select a textbox like any other instance and use a command to focus it could bring back textbox navigation, so long as we could do what I did with the old version where i’d delete the key press in question from the text field before advancing to the next. I don’t think it would solve ddabrahim’s issue, since if you have a click/touch based game, then wouldn’t you defocus the text box as soon as you started doing something?