How do I zoom into an object?

I want my game to have a title screen which is a house on a hill and when you press a button it zooms into the house and the scene fades into the main menu can anyone help me with achieving wished outcome? :slight_smile:

You can use the change camera zoom event, where the zoom is controlled by a variable like “zoom.” When the button is pressed the zoom variable can be decreased by like 0.05 every frame, until the it’s reached the level of zoom you want. Also, when the button is pressed you can tween the opacity of the house to 0 (over like 1000 ms or something), while the scene is being zoomed.

so the house would have to be in the middle of the screen right? or is there a way i could make the camera zoom into the house

Yeah you can make it zoom into the house, just use the “center camera on object” event.

thanks a lot also one thing i want to add a fading effect after a scene switches is there any easier method then using a black cube and making it more transparent over time?

Yeah you can give the cube the tween behavior. Then you can use the “tween object opacity” event to tween the opacity to 0 over a period of like 1000ms. You can use a black tiled sprite instead of a sprite, it will be easier on the FPS.

You could also achieve a similar effect using layer effects I believe.