How do make a thing happen like this?

Can someone know how do you make action go diffrent even though the contition makes the same.
Like example:
I click the play button and thing pops up and
I do the same thing except i go to the next scene.
Is it possible to do that?:thinking:

Se ho capito bene, vorresti fare così: clicca la prima volta sul pulsante ed esegue la prima azione, poi clicca la seconda volta sullo stesso pulsante ed esegue la seconda azione diversa dalla prima.
È così, giusto?

You can use variables so that each click depends on a different variable. I’ll just make up a variable name “playbutton”.

Event 1
Condition: Left Mouse down (or you can use Left Mouse Released)
Condition: Variable “playbutton” = 1
Condition: Trigger Once
Action = (whatever you want to pop up)
Action = Change Variable “playbutton” set to 2

Event 2
Condition: Left Mouse down (or you can use Left Mouse Released)
Condition: Variable “playbutton” = 2
Condition: Trigger Once
Action = Change scene

What variable do you use to make it?

You can use scene variable if you will only use the variable in the specific scene or use global variable if you want it to be accessable from all scene.

It doesn’t happened did i do it wrong?

The value to check in both condition are the same

It should be like this

CONDITION __________________ACTION

Mouse pressed_________The thing to happen
Variable = 0___________to happen the first time.
Trigger once_____________ Set variable = 1

Mouse pressed ________ The thing to happen
Variable = 1_________to happen the second time.
Trigger once ____________Set Variable to =0

Try this… in the first yellow line on the right… add action Change the variable set to 2.
Second yellow line on the left… the variable = 2 (not 1)

Again not working tried to put scene variable too.

the initial variable value should be 1

I mean by default, the variable value should be 1

In yours the second condition is a sub condition to the first one. it should not be like this.

Like Midhil said you don’t want it to be a sub-event, make them both separate events.

Unless you’ve set the playbutton variable to 1 at the beginning of the scene just change the variable numbers to 0 and 1 (not 1 and 2) in all these appropriate places. So where you put playbutton = 1, change it to 0. And where you put playbutton = 2 and playbutton set to 2, change those both to 1.

Is not even working.

Even i try to change it still dosen’t work.

Try this:

so do i copy your or just make a change?

Copy the changes.
Also if you want the action to loop.Add a change variable to 0, so it changes to 1 , 0 ,1 etc…
Or else it will only work the first time

It still dose not work.

What is the result you got from the code

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what result do you mean?