How do timers perform while bogging down the game?

Hey there Gdev’s, I’m creating a game that will test different ways to complete a task. Essentially, I would like to record how well each task is completed and the time taken.
If I start a timer before a task, and it bogs down Gdevelop, does the timer keep an accurate real life time?

wdym with “bogs down gdevelop”

No, if the device slows the timer slows.
You can get a timestamp when the task is started and one after it’s complete and subtract the beginning stamp from the end. Use Time(string) and put “” in the parentheses, then select timestamp from the list that pulls up.

What type of tasks are you using? Are they automated task or do they invlove player interactions?

It’s for testing purposes, it will be player (me) interaction.
I’ll start the test and then I should get an answer and a time it took. Looks like I’ll use what Lucky-j said to grab the time.


That will work fine, timer would of been a bit easier but I have worked with the Time function so it should be no problemo.

Thank you!

Oh that teaches me not to answer in a hurry - I didn’t even look at the username. If I had I would’ve known you already knew how to access Time lol.
Yeh a timer would’ve been more convenient but in a situation like this that requires constant accuracy you just can’t risk it.

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Oh Snap, Am I famous? :laughing:

You can answer in a hurry if you want, you got me a correct answer and quickly

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