How do you make a enemy go back and forth on a platform?

All the other tutorials have it so they go to a certain X and Y points but with mine 5 enemys go to the same point and its very annoying. Anyone have any ideas?

Can you share a screenshot of the events you’re using? It’ll help people suggest solutions, as it could be a simple fix

I’ve deleted the duplicate, check the platform template, it uses a easy method:
Create a GoLeft and GoRight objects, then for each enemy put a GoRight in its platform left edge and a GoLeft in the platform right edge, this way

_GoRight______Enemy_____GoLeft_ | | | Platform | |______________________________|
Now if the enemy is not flipped move it to the right, move it to the left otherwise. And finally flip it if collides with a GoLeft, and unflip it when collides with a GoRight :slight_smile: