How Do You Program/Code A Wait Command [Tutorial]

so your having doubt on using gdevelop because of people
saying about its lacking feaure about the “wait” command
that “construct” game engine don’t have?
well… let me change your mind…
in this tutorial, ill show you how to code it yourself
so you can use it for your project…
now lets begin…
so… you are coding… lets say… you are coding a rpg game… you may wanna
use “wait” argument… for your cutscene… perhaps picking or getting item in a chest
for example… but what’s this? gdevelop don’t support it… but instead support
timers? well… worry no more… im here to teach you…

  1. to start off… you should start with scene timer… by searching it through the search bar
    then name it

    as you can see… you assign it in function rather than a condition
    since if you notice… when you search it in the search bar(when you click the condition area), you’ll rather get a value not a start/reset a scene timer…

  2. now go to condition and pick the “value of scene timer” and use the same name you assign in “start/reset a scene timer”, its important since this will verify the timer countdown… and be aware that gdevelop is capsensitive so… make sure you copy it same as for value of scene timer… so let say you have to do 5 seconds break for an animation when the player get an item… then you’ll set the condition to value of scene timer then set it’s time to 5 sec by picking any operation(i hope atleast you know how to use that)

  3. after you’ve used the whole timer… i advice to delete it from the memory… as they take so much memory based on how many of them running… so if you forgot to delete them… well… expect a huge fps drop

so that’s about it… if you want me to revise some or want me to rewrite the whole tutorial just dm me or comment here… im 100% available to rewrite the whole tutorial… :grinning:

and same if this topic don’t belong in a category… im 100% up if you want me to take this down

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Currently Gdevelop 5 Has Officially Add A Wait Command Straight Out of the Box, So This Tutorial is Useless, You Can Still Use the Timer So… Thats that… Thanks for the Checking and Liking this Tutorial… Have a nice day :grinning: