How do you view the code in the event loop?

I’m starting to dive into gdevelop and it’s nice so far… honestly the real reason i’m diving into gdevelop is cause you can use javascript to code. but i plan to utilities all gdevelop to learn it… meaning no coding, but i still like to see what happening behind the scene, so i was wondering if we can view the code while we program in the event loop.

You technically can, but that code is not meant to be read or easy to understand :confused:
Your events are mostly 1:1 what they seem like, each condition being a function returning a boolean value and actions functions that do not return anything. The only true exception to that is conditions and actions that use an object as a parameter, they have an additional loop around the functions to call the functions for every instance of the object.

If you really want to read the events code, despite that, you can simply make a manual HTML export. You can then read all the code you want - with your event code specifically being in the codeX.js files, where the X is the position of the scene in the project manager that this file contains events code for.

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