How does ios users download my game? (Icons)

There is icons for ios but if there isn’t a download for IOS, why can I put image for the ios icons?

iOS requires you to have a Mac OS computer (with XCode) to build the app, and you must build it manually.

iOS does not (currently) support sideloading, so you will need to have a full Apple Developer account and publish your game to the App Store.

Note: Apple Developer Accounts are $100/year, and you must be old enough in your respective country to sign a legally binding agreement. Before You Enroll - Apple Developer Program

Oh ok, hopefully IOS can be exportable without building manually in the future!

Just to say if you live in europe next ios update should have sideloading


wdym by sideloading?

So basically installing apps that arent on the app store using a pc for everyone who has an iphone not only developers

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