How does the User Feedback Rating actually work?

Note: We’ve created an article on how to give good written feedback.

So because theres always bad people out there, iv been getting some “review bombs” on my game, usually pretty easy to spot since these people lack the brain cells… im referring to “anonymous player” left a feedback of “1/10” on everything… yup sounds legit.

I know theres a report button, but after you press it, does the score they gave you get removed from the average?

What actually happens after you report these comments?

…and what about the comments that just make you go “You what now??”… like this nice fella that left me the feedback of:

“Игра по обложке мне кажется что она интересная, но она у меня не грузит. Перезагружать браузер пробовал не помогает, хотя у меня интернет. Я не знаю почему у меня не грузит, но прошу эту проблему исправить.”

Which is Russian for…

“Based on the cover, the game seems interesting to me, but it doesn’t load for me. I tried restarting the browser and it doesn’t help, although I have internet. I don’t know why it doesn’t load for me, but I ask you to fix this problem.”

He decided to leave me a “1/10” on everything…

I just checked, the game loads just fine on browser and mobile, asked some friends from other counties, it all works…

I like this whole feedback system but it also opens up the door for people to destroy your hard work with a clique of a button…

This wouldnt be so bad if it wasent for the fact that it affects how your game is viewed on, if i got how this whole rating thing works right.

As far as I know, reported feedbacks are reviewed by GDevelop team, If the feedback is spam (the nature of collecting credits for free which is a blessing from God) or inappropriate the sender gets banned from giving feedbacks.
According to the change log, comments that include a swear or are unconstructively short do not receive credit.
I don’t know if these comments affect the appearance of the game on GD.Games but apparently not.
I don’t think the Russian comment was spam, most likely ignorance, but at least they shouldn’t have given feedback as long as they didn’t run the game.
I suggest to GDevelop not to turn on the feedback button until after a while (5 minutes?) or at least until the game gives the signal that it has run successfully.

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That would be an awesome change! :slight_smile:

Maybe im just being a tad slow, it happens more than id like… but what does this mean exactly then?
Rate this comment

Games with the most rated comments every day and every week are visible on the community section in GDevelop. Users with the best comments are also highlighted in the community."

…so do ratings from the feedback comments count towards making your game more visible or not? …or is it referring to the rate that the developer gives to the player comment instead of the score given to the game?

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I understand your concerns about the user feedback system

Regarding your question about the report button, when a report is made, the comment and its rating are reviewed by the GDevelop Staff team. If they find the report valid and the feedback is spam or against their guidelines, they will be banned from being able to review games after a certain amount in invalid reviews.

As for the user who left feedback in Russian, it’s possible that they were experiencing technical issues specific to their device or network connecting to the servers that is storing the game and assets because the servers may be blocking Russian IP’s from downloading the game, which prevented the game from loading.

I agree that the feedback system, while it useful, it can sometimes be misused to post spam. I have seen a lot of CHATGPT like messages that are sent to people and its quite annoying.

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Brother! This CHAT GPT nonsense… some guy sent me feedback in quotes, as if it was taken from some sort of review site, the message was talking about some game with the same name as mine released in 1993 for the SNES… i jumped out of bed and spent a few hours looking trough SNES game listing for this game… couldnt find it.

Emailed the guy who sent the feedback asking about this… he said he wanted the credits but didnt feel like writing 80 words or more, so he used CHAT GPT… and the freaking AI came up with some lie since it didnt know my game, he didnt even bother to proof read it, just copy pasted.

Anyways… thank you for the explanation! <3 :slight_smile: