Disable the "Give Feedback" button until the first scene has started successfully

Note: We’ve created an article on how to give good written feedback.

Note: Read this topic to understand what is going on.
What: When opening a game on GD.Games, the feedback button is disabled until after the first scene has successfully opened or until a period of time (5 minutes?) has passed.
Why: To avoid free credits spam, or negative rating (player’s fault) if the game doesn’t load/takes a long time to load.
Or at least the feedback won’t be eligible for credits.


This would be awesome!

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  • Choosable feedback button unlock: 5,10,15 minutes. without beeing afk or tabbed out.

  • While writing a feedback, actual playtime counter should stop counting.

  • As an additional helpful information to evaluate feedback:
    the feedback should include displaying the individual playtime counter, how much time the games was played without the time of the process of writing the feedback.

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