How Export to android

Hi, people i’m new in Game Develop, is a good program, but I want to create game for android, can me help to export game or compile game for android?, please help me :slight_smile:


unfortunately there is no tutorial on the topic, but it should be possible to do with intel’s XDK.

Not sure for cacoonjs. If you want to monetize your app with ads or other things, xdk can not do that at the moment.

Make an HTML 5 game and you can play it on the web. I’m yet to personally try it out yet, but I think when you use position of cursor/left click this is regarded as a ‘click’ on a touch screen. At least, I sent a small HTML 5 demo to a friend of mine with an iPad and he said it worked, so I guess it should work on Android too.

thanks for answering :slight_smile: , i hope most later can export game for android :frowning: , should not be so difficult, in theory is only import android sdk library like in other game development, most later maybe can :mrgreen: . only is wait to next of update the program. :neutral_face:

thx for the help.

You know I just said you already can do this right?

I don’t own an android phone or tablet as I don’t really like android, but I’m own an android smart tv box running on android 4. Pretty much works like a tablet but connected to a TV with HDMI and using a wireless touchpad. For some reason GD HTML5 games runs on very low FPS on this device. Tested angry peas example on GDShare in Firefox and Google Chrome and just couldn’t play it, it runs at maybe 2-3FPS but also freeze sometime. Games from google play runs fine so the performance of TV box can’t be a problem.
In terms of click and touch, mouse click not always works perfectly on touch screens. Mouse click is more accurate than touch and so, in some cases that could cause problems in gameplay, of course it is also depends on how accurate the touch screen is. It works, you can use click as touch, but not perfect in all cases. In general better to optimise gameplay for touch if you want to target touch screens.

So, from my experience GD HTML5 best suit desktop PC (OS) and mouse at the moment. Not very good on mobile devices and touch screens.
To export a game to any mobile OS, at the moment best to use services like PhoneGap and CocoonJS there are many similar services which can pack your HTML5 game in to a native app and give you support for mobile specific features such as, touch screen, GPS, G sensor…etc, but probably you need to do some JavaScript on the top of GD.