How hard would it be to change a 1280x720 game into 1920x1080 if the project has already started?

I have a game with pixel art in 1280x720 made in gdevelop how hard would it be to make it 1920x1080?

If you’re not going to remake your assets, you’re going to have to deal with them being smaller.

1280x720 does not evenly scale into 1920x1080, so if you just scale up, everything will be scaled up by 1.5x, and some pixels will become half pixels, therefore look distorted.

If you don’t scale up, you can just change the game size in your project settings, your assets will not be distorted and just look smaller.

Before starting the project we had the assets created.

If I started a new project as 1920x1080 and kept the same assets would that be the best way?

You shouldn’t need to start a new project, you can just modify your project settings.

Again, keep in mind that with the new resolution, your assets will be smaller (on the screen, for the player) than they were at 720p, but otherwise they’ll work fine.

How do I modify the settings? Sorry I am very new at this.

Project manager button on the upper left, then on the menu that pops up, within the Game Settings section, choose Properties

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