How I can create object that sticks to the player

I want to create shield field for my player. When Player is in collision with (object that represent shield) i want to create “shield effect” where my player is and follow.
When I do create object its spawn object all the time. When I trigger once its only create one and stay where was created.

open the layer panel the make a new layer call it “UI” in-then set it to that layer you made lastly put it near the player then you got it done

create the object there when collision happens

problem fixed btw plz play my game when finished it will be on GD games btw the demo will be on GD games

It works the same but on another layer:P My player dont have “fixed” camera. Player its not always centered on screen.

@GDevrPro76 please avoid derailing threads with advertising your own game, and keep your singular responses to a single post, not spread over multiple.

@Twoflower I’d recommend using either the “put around a position” action, and give it the position of the other object, or using the “sticker” behavior.