How I can pass a Group(Sprites) to my function

I have created a group (Enemies) with 2 sprites that will be the enemies, then I have created a sprite to place them (obj_spawn) in the scene, obj_spawn has an object type variable called obj_var_enemy_name,

The idea of the function is to pass
Parameter 1: Group (Enemies) where all the enemy Sprites are.
Parameter 2: Sprite obj_spawn with the variable and the name of the enemy that I want to create.
Enemies Group in Scene

obj_spawn this is the Sprite with the Object Variable obj_var_enemy_name

The Function itself

The Function Call when my player collide with a zone, checks if zone is overlapping obj_spawn then call Createenemy function

It looks okay, except for the double delete of spawn.
It’s not creating the object? Start by adding a visible action (like modify text) to check that the repeat loop works fine.

I think is The Group (Enemies) is not get correctly into the funtion, because if i make the same call in the scene works fine.

Working adding action Among in scene

Not Working calling my function passing EnemiesGroup as a param

Looks like you’re right.
Try the fix explained here: Not able to get string value of a function parameter inside a function - #9 by krishnakumarm777