How I can use localhost, to make tests?

Hi Guys, this is my first topic over here. So I am doing a project and I want to make a login/register and somethings related to send and get data from a database. I tried to do a lot of tutorials abroad the internet and from here, but anyone worked to me.

I want to use localhost to make tests but it don’t works, the game just don’t connect with the server. Could anyone help me?

First of all, I’d recommend not touching networking if you have no clue what you are doing. It is a complex task and easy to get wrong.

Secondly, you didn’t provide context so it is not possible to help you. You tell me how do I make a
specific browser extension work without knowing what browser or extension I used :wink:

At last, I’d have a potential solution for you: the firebase extension. It is in currently being finalized (last small fixes, documentation and official example WIP), and you can already try it here: Is Firebase possible? and if...How? - #2 by arthuro555

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Hi arthuro555 thank you a lot to trying help me, a I really appreciate it. I will try to make a context to you, I am making a simple game, but, with some features like a login / register system, and save in a database the progress and the historical of plays that the user did. To that, I first started with the login/register system, but in my tests that didn’t work, one off my hypotesis is: it don’t work because i’m try to do that with localhost and not a web page. But i will try to use your extension, i really liked your work, its AMAZING, thank you a lot again

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Thank you very much!
That context is very little, with context I meant what exactly did you try (what database you have set up, how did you connect it to GDevelop, which commands, settings and events did you use, etc)
I guess it doesn’t really matter if you end up using Firebase, but giving a good context is important to get answers, so I am just telling so you know in the future :wink: .

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