How i make a game engine with our source code

Guys, i want to make a game engine with GDevelop Source code but i don’t know about programing. Anybody can help me?

:wave: Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
If you like video tutorials, you can start here and then browse the suggestions: Beginner's Guide To GDevelop - The No Code Open Source Game Engine - YouTube
If you prefer text, there’s a wiki button at the top of the page. :+1:

No, i want to make a game engine, a aplication to make other games with our source code. You don’t have any tutorial?

Hi, I see two issues with your post.

First, you are asking in a forum dedicated to Gdevelop how to use its source code for making another engine. Of course you are free to do that but I assume you won’t get much help here.

Second, you mention that you don’t know programming which is exactly the precondition for making a game engine.

I would suggest you learn programming first and then you are probably more interested in making your own engine instead of using other source code.

Oh Sorry, i gonna learn C#. Thanks!