How I Make Jumpscare Like FNAF(Why IsNot Resolved)

I Was Making A FNAF Fangame And I Dont Know To Make Jumpscare
Pls Tell Me How To Make This!

I don’t know much about the theme, but try to use this, I don’t know if it will work. I’ll suggest to search tutorials or ask more people.

Unfortunately, I also do not understand the issue, but searching on the Internet, I believe that this is the effect of a rapidly emerging “horror”, but at the same time, as it were, “smoothly”. Perhaps you should try to quickly change the scale of the object, move it. You should disassemble the “effect” itself into some details and try to implement them. Or describe your problem in more detail.

He’s right. Perhaps you should describe what you have already tried, and what’s exactly the problem. I also think you should check how (the game you base on) was made.