How is the performance in mobile browser?

I plan to develop a typing game, but it is planned to use mobile browser as its platform. I am wondering anyone has experience in using Gdevelop in the mobile browser and what is the performance for it ?

I’ve created a drag and drop puzzle game, exported as HTML5 and have run it on both computer browsers (OS X - Safari / Firefox), iPad mini 2 (Safari) and iPhone 8 (Safari) and found no issues with performance. I also discovered (by accident) that once the game is loaded into cache, it can be run without a network connection (this happened on the iPad).

My puzzle game does not use the drag behavior, so I have events handling the piece movement. This allowed me to prevent dragging the piece out of the game space, and to emulate a ‘snap to grid’ when the piece is dragged into the puzzle build area (tray).

Indeed your browser keep data during a short time in memory, this is more a feature from your browser than GDevelop. GDevelop don’t need connection for working, than if you download web page you will be able to play it when your want in theory.