How publish html5 game with neocities

I’ve been using GDevelop 5 in hopes of making HTML5 games to publish to my site, but when I load the game’s index file from its folder or in an iframe on another page, it just loads a black screen.

Apparently this is an issue with some installs of GDevelop regardless of what platform you’re publishing on, so I tried a clean reinstall and still no luck. As far as I know GDevelop’s HTML5 framework only uses JS, HTML, and CSS, which should make it fine to publish on a static only host. Has anyone managed to successfully get a GDevelop project to run on a Neocities site? Is it possible?

Have you tried pulling up the console in your browser to see if there are any error messages when the page loads?

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I believe you might not have imported all the Gdevelop files into your neocities site.
After importing the index.html and all the javascript files of your game export, you also need to create the export folders inside of neocities manually, because you cannot import folders.
So for example you need to create in your neocities dashboard the folders “events-tools”, “fontfaceobserver-font-manager”, “Extensions”, etc. and even create the subfolders inside “Extensions” if you have any.

After that you import all the .js files into each folder properly, and then you won’t have a black screen anymore but the Gdevelop game runs. :wink:

It works for me. I can run my Gdevelop games on neocities. Just make sure you import everything properly.

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