How put contents butger?

What is the best mechanism for placing the contents of the burger on top of each other in the order of the player’s choosing?
I want to make a game but I don’t know the right technique


Here is a very simple example, how the game could work.

  • Add extension “Button States and Effects”
  • Create ingredients (beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato etc.) as sprites
  • Add “Button States” behaviour to all ingredients
  • Add object variable “Name” to all ingredients, and give the name of the object as its value, here is one example:

  • Create an object group “Ingredients” and add all ingredients there, like this:

  • Create a scene layout, something like this. The object “Bun_bottom” is already on the plate, and other ingredients will be placed on top of it.

  • Create scene variables “Y_Position_Now” (number), “Z_Value_Now” (number) and “Burger_is_ready” (string)

  • Finally, the code:

Now when you click the ingredients on the right side, they are added to the burger. When you put “Bun_top”, the burger is ready and you can’t add ingredients any more.

When playing the game, the result might be something like this:


Btw. Here is one marvelous asset pack for this kind of game: Burger maker game kit

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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