How should I keep an old version of GDevelop alongside a new one?

tl;dr how to have 2 GDevelop versions on same Windows PC? 2 Windows user profile?

Hi, as title I want to ask what’s the safest way to have multiple versions of GDevelop on the same computer.
Lately GDevelop has gotten a lot of development, which is great, but for big projects I feel it’s better to stick to one version (especially since I’m using WithThreeJS, a third party extension).

I understand there’s this option in Preferences:
But will it conflict if I use two different GDevelop apps? I don’t want to accidentally update the old version.
I have a feeling that it does conflict, and that I should probably have 2 Windows user profile to make the settings separate.

Thank you very much for your input!

My suggestion is to try using the microsoft store version as the updated one, and the manual installation as the old.

Hi Reborn,
I managed to get Microsoft Store working (it has some hiccups in LTSC 2022).
It seems it loaded the same user data as the normally installed one, which is a shame.

I’ll try using another windows user account as mentioned after a while, when GDevelop has an update. Other input is still appreciated though!