How should i make enemy move

Before you said that the enemy movement is already on website, i tried everything to make emeny move, so please don’t complain, Thanks😊

so i was trying to make enemy move, but i could not find a way to make the enemy move, i try to search on google, they have an idea, but did not work.
so please can you tell hove to make enemy move, with the recomended extension.


Hello Jack!
I’d love to help but I know pretty much nothing about your project. If you could send some details about what you’re trying to do, such as the camera perspective, as well as what you need the enemy to do while it’s moving. Is it going back and forth? Up and down? Flying enemy?
When I know more about your project I’d be happy to try to help you figure out the desired movement.

  • Obee

You make something move by changing its position directly or using extensions like pathfinding. Which approach you choose depends on your specific needs. How do you want your enemies to move?

Its a standerd enemiy going left and right, like in super mario bros, it is a 2d game

It should move left and right on a 2d game

i figure out a problem for movement, but can’t do animation, can you help out???

Not unless you describe what the problem is.

so i used the extension called rectangular movement to do the movement, but i want it that it should face left when it going left and right when it going right

I believe that this kind of thing is going to happen a lot because the developers over-sell the engine as “no-code”. It will always be necessary to code. It will never be possible to just throw some extensions together to make a game.

I suggest you familiarize yourself more with programming logic and flow. Otherwise you are going to end up making countless thread like this basically asking someone else to do the work for you. It will take you a very long time to get anything done that way.

Okay thanks for the help by the way