How solve this bugs

When the balloon is popped , scene “b” is displayed, hence this event works so that the balloon is deleted and a new balloon is created, but this does not always work.Also, the text object that shows the number of points sometimes does not appear when I published this game on the web.I want to know how to solve this problem

You’ll need to provide more information, screen shots of your game in action aren’t of any use. Give screen shots of the events to do with popping the balloon and the events that switch the scene,

When you say it doesn’t appear, does any text show? or is it completely missing? Can you also provide screen screen shots of any events that references or sets the score text.

Sorry for the bad image quality, these are all the events responsible for creating a balloon whenever the balloon inside the scene is popped

With the “animation of balloon has finished” event also include a condition that specifies the animation name.

Are these all the balloon deletion related events?

Where are the scene change events?