How to activate seperate compilation of ext. events?[Solved]

My project is getting to a point where compilation time has become a problem. The documentation says i can alleviate that by enabling separate compilation of external events: … nal_events But where exactly do I enable that? This is probably trivial but I can’t find the “properties of the external events sheet” mentioned at step 3.

How do I edit the properties of an external event sheet?


I think it’s automatically enabled when the link event fulfills the requirements. You can check by opening the compilation panel and watch if the name of the external events appears at one time of the scene compilation.

With compilation panel you mean file/compile to native executable? That does not display the name of the external events. I think the requirements are met though, my link looks like this:

I don’t think this is working. I externalized half my events but compilation time remains the same… :neutral_face:

To be sure, open the “C++ Tools” panel (“Projects” ribbon) and check if the external events names appear during the compilation for the preview of the scene including the external events. You can trigger a preview compilation by adding an empty event for example.

You can set the number of threads GDevelop is allowed to create to the number of cores you have in the settings window in order to allow parallel compilation of the external events which compilation can be separated:

Thanks for the detailed reply! Enabling multiple threads helped and the external show up in the panel. :slight_smile: