How to activate virtual keyboard on Android in HTML5?

I’m using the Text Entry object to enter some text and I was hoping that when the object is activated it would automatically trigger the virtual keyboard on Android, but it doesn’t, the text entry object is active but I got no keyboard to enter anything on Android.

I was searching the web for solutions, how to show/activate virtual keyboard on android and the only solution that everybody mentioning is that to make a text box behind the canvas and set focus on the text box.
Maybe I do wrong something but this work around doesn’t works for me…

Anybody would have any idea how to solve this problem?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi ddabrahim ,

I had the same problem. To try to solve this problem, I needed to create a virtual keyboard for mobile game.
I’ve created the post here: [url]Some improvements: Virtual keyboard on mobiles & preloader]

The source files are there too. I holpe it can save us for now!

Thanks Ricardo, your keyboard looks great :slight_smile:

I thought about the same solution as well, but I also would like to allow the use of lower and upper case letters and special characters available in layout of different languages and that would require tons of variations to make :frowning:
With no purpose really I just don’t want to limit the players on what characters they can use.

Would be great to be able to trigger the system keyboard which got all the functionality and layout a player would expect.
Really, I was hoping 4ian would have some suggestions or promise to implement the functionality in to the text entry object since he was developing GDevApp with mobile devices in mind and also released GDevApp on iOS, so probably he has already solved this problem but his not very active on the forums these days :frowning:

Hi ddabrahim,

I agree with you. That’s not a “real” solution, but an emergency “painkiller” to the game I already have published at google play( the next release will have this virtual keyboard ), and for the new one that is up to be deliveried.

I hope we can use the “native” solution soon as possible.