how to adapt your game to android screen size?

I was searching in Google and the Forum, but I don’t find anything about how to change the screen size.

Hi there fabianr

I’ve been struggling with the same issue for weeks now. I also posted the question and haven’t received any response yet. I’ve tried editing the Config.xml and AndroidManifest.xml ,but to no avail. Hopefully we’ll get an answer soon. I

I had the same problem with the screen size. I fixed it by choosing one of the 16:9 screen resulotions.
My phone has the sice 800x480 and the aspect 5:3 but it worked. No blackbars.
Here is a link with a list with this resulotion.
I hope GD will get a function to set the screen size. … solutions/
I hope it helps.

EDIT: I think i found a better solution.

Hi there Dani

Dani you are my personal hero !!! I was struggling for almost 2 weeks trying to figure it out. I really appreciate your help concerning this issue. I’ve been working on my game for almost 2 months now and I really thought I wouldn’t be able to publish it due to this problem. I will be posting a full tutorial on how to export to android using Cordova CLI and I will be adding this info as well.
****Just something to take note off :
When setting it to - Change window size: ScreenWidth()xScreenHeight() make sure to set it to No to stretch the game to the window size.

Once again…Thanks a lot Dani !!! :smiley:

Thank you so much i was looking for a month for a solution to this but i have another problem .
no black bars now but the (notification bar and navigation bar) of the mobile is still active
how to make it disappear when the game is started ?