How to add 3rd party JS external libraries?

Hi, I 'm new with GDevelop and I wanted to integrate the AirConsole library on it. The problem is that I don’t find any tutorial or document about how to add pure JS files (for web export) in GDevelop 5. All I find is for an older version.

I know there is a possibility to add extensions but, how do I exactly add some 3rd party libraries or even files to load and then be used inside the extension itself?

The right way would be adding the library file in the exported directory, and edit the index.html file to read it (). If you don’t want to export and modify the files each time you can modify the engine index file at


If you add your script tag there, and copy the library .js file in the previews folder (in Windows at UserFolder/AppData/Local/temp/preview, in Linux at /temp/preview) you should be able to launch previews with your library included.

Of course you’ll need JS events to interact with your library :slight_smile:

So, just to be sure, there’s no built in way to specify a custom index.html directly on engine when exporting or in the project properties right?

I ask because I also wanted a friend to help me with my idea and, given this solution, anyone who wants to run and help on my project will strictly need to follow those steps.

Anyway, it’s better than nothing and already let’s me continue my idea. Thanks :smiley:

No, sorry, the index file is very specific, has others scripts and so, and even specifying a custom one you should copy the library file manually to the preview/export directory :frowning:

Okay, thanks for all the help. I’ll proceed with your solution and add a Readme to my project so that my friends can easily set it up. :slight_smile: