How to add a action for waiting a few second

when a audio file: A.mp3 is finished , then waiting 5 seconds , then play a audio file: B.mp3

how to make this action happen ?


[code]Conditions: At the beginning of the scene
Actions: Pause timer “music_pause”
Play music A.mp3

Conditions: Music stopped / NOT Music playing
Trigger once
Actions: Unpause timer “music_pause”

Conditions: Timer “music_pause” value > 5 seconds
Actions: Pause timer “music_pause”
Reset timer “music_pause”
Play music B.mp3[/code]

Thanks, I will try it.
Do you have any about timer tutorials, as I’m a beginner.

I don’t know if there is a tutorial out there, you play them, pause them, check the value, etc. The rest is pure logic :slight_smile:
My advices are: Pause your timers at the beginning of the scene if you need them paused at start, because they will run at scene startup by default. If you want to check the timer value only once, you can use a “Trigger once” condition or stop and reset the timer to “kill” it.