How to add a landing animation after jump?

Firstly, I’m not a game dev, I’m a designer. This is a tiny simple platformer project I’m doing for fun, but I’m really interested in getting it to work correctly. It’s a simple project but because I’m doing the design of each animation, I want to have a landing effect in there. So I have very little understanding of the mechanics at this point.

I would like to add a little animation for when the player connects back to the ground after a jump. I have looked at other threads and am not finding a clear tutorial.

I understand the fundamentals of conditions and actions: “if the player is colliding with the ground > Play animation”

But of course that would conflict with the idle or walk animation.

I tried boolean variables but I’m not sure I understand how to get them to turn on after the jump for only a second… if that makes sense? I haven’t been able to sort out where to start with this one. Any help would be appreciated!

I’m going to assume you have a jump/fall animation (for the downward part of the jump).

If so, you can add an extra condition to the event you described - “the animation of player is jump/fall”. This will remove the conflict with idle or walk animations.

Hi! Thanks for your response. I’m still wrapping my head around all of this. I do have a jump/fall animation set. But as far as I understand the “The animation of player is jump/fall” + " The player is touching the ground" conditions would contradict each other, no? Because once you hit the ground you’re no longer in the falling state. Does that make sense? If you could show an example that would be awesome.

Unless you are using an extension to manage platform character animations, then no. The animation stays the same until it gets changed. If the player jumps, and you change the animation to jump, then it stays in the jump animation until some event changes it again.

The animation won’t change from jump/fall just because the player has stopped moving. It needs events to do that.

The animation and player state are 2 different things. You can play the idle animation while the player is running, a damage animation when the player is standing still. What we try to do is set the animation to match the player’s state when that state changes.

I can whip up an example if my explanation isn’t up to scratch.