How to add a player with negative gravity

hi I’m trying to add make a game in which you use two characters at the same time (is a puzzle game) the thing is that one of them is supposed to be upside down but I can’t make it. It keeps falling down and I also want him to jump. Thanks for any help

This is how it should look

I don’t think you can use the platformer behavior with negative gravity. You will have to use custom controls.
Physics 2.0 behavior offers gravity control, though.
Maybe @NoahTech has info about that?

Thanks!! I added the Physics 2.0 but still won’t jump even though it makes a slight try to jump

Put everything p2 related on another layer and rotate the camera on that layer by 180°?
Controls for p2 inverted then

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IIRC, cameras are just visual :slight_smile:
Meaning, the hitboxes don’t move.

nope, i did a quick and dirty testrun, and it works:
2 Player mirror example

Enter key to switch player

Ok, how I’m suppose to do that?

Can’t open the file that you sent

It’s a rar file.
You need to extract it

Ok so I opened the file but just one of the characters jump and moves

i wrote how.
you can also look at the events

you are right, they dont move.
in my test i kept the position overlapped.

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I used the example that you sent me and the only problem is that if you duplicate or move an object in the mirror space it becomes a transparent obstacle. Ill send a example of it

did you not read what Gruk was writing?
the hitboxes dont move, the camera rotation is pure cosmetic.

the easiest workaround for that would be to place them far enough apart, so they never interact.

here an example with alot of distance

Thanks for all the help!!

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im pretty sure you can as i did it for this game right here: the fighting game that could not fight! by please come back...

you just have to have it set too -1000 if you want the gravity too work right but be warned its VERY buggy and youll have to use events too fix it

Well it’s not working great :sweat_smile:
And you have no jumps.

as i said VERY BUGGY

Better not recommend it, then. :wink: