How to add a shareable post link on button in Gdevelop

Hello guys , hope everyone is doing good .
I have a doubt regarding the shareable Links .
I want to create a Shareable button with a shareable link of post for Facebook using a sprite object at the end of the game .
Is there any way to add a shareable link in Gdevelop ?
Any help is Appreciated .
Thank you!

Take a look at the open url action :wink:

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Ok, but how do we make the user share the link on whatsapp…etc?

I had an idea on how that should work.
When sharing a post to a social media you get a url with what you are sharing(text/url) written in it and separated by % or some other things. I tried it with my twitter account and it opens a page on twitter asking me to share. But the problem is getting your current score in the url action.

You can get this url by clicking on the share button in an app and opening it in your browser.


Hi The_Gem_Tutorials,

First of all, I want to say, that I have seen a lot of your videos on youtube, which have helped me a lot to develop my application, so thanks so much for that.

Now, I’m really interested in this topic, and i already tried to follow your idea, but i couldn’t, in fact on mobile nor can I use the function to open a simple url, do you have any more suggestions? Could you show me an example or something?