How to add a subcondition

Every time I reinstall Gdevelop and try to learn it again I get stuck on the very first tutorial because THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OPTION TO ADD A “SUB-CONDITION” ANYWHERE IN THE UI as the tutorial describes.

This is the screenshot in your tutorial

My screen does not have that nested tree or the option on the bottom where it says “Add condition” nested and indented under the main condition box.

Can somebody please tell me how to make my screen look like the one in the tutorial, and can you please make some tutorials which can actually be followed.

Thanks you.

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Hey mate, I know the feeling of getting stuck… Just right click the which event you want to have sub condition, then click add sub event. You are done :slight_smile: I hope you achieve your dreams.

Wizard, I found it really confusing at the beginning too. As soon as you click Add a new event, the text changes to Add Condition, that confused me a lot.

And also, it depends where in the event you right click. If it’s in the top half, like Key Pressed, you only get basic options, so you have to right click in the bottom half to see all the options that kingwulfgur mentioned. I checked what he said and it actually says Add sub event in the right click options. The event/condition thing is definitely confusing.

And I understand your frustration when the tutorial is not accurate because of updates to the app, I was frustrated too. But even when the tutorial instructions weren’t 100% accurate, the message was clear, and I was then able to explore the app to find the answer for myself. And it was this exploring and looking at all the options and just clicking things that helped me gain confidence, much more so than if I had just followed the instructions.

So if you’re willing to try again, I also recommend not using the search bar to find conditions and actions, but instead scroll down looking for the one you want so that you start to get familiar with what other ones there are. Good luck, hope you’re making games soon.


Just adding to the replies of kingwulfgar and Bubble, you can also create a subevent just by dragging the event block below another block to the right: go with your mouse pointer to the leftmost vertical bar of the event block, the mouse pointer changes to a ‘move tool’ - icon, click left and now you can drag the event block up or down and to the right which will create a subevent of the block above. You can use the same method to transfer the subevent into a standard event block.


It’s strange :scream:

Can you share a screenshot of your Events? Because here the three buttons for add conditions is just like in the tutorial and I’m using the last version of Gdevelop.

thank you all for your help. It is just frustrating when the tutorials either are inaccurate or do not represent what is actually shown.

may you check the version of gdevelop this is cuz I remember an older version of gdevelop not having that button there(if you mean the add new button text on the bottom which you don’t have in the screenshot) to check what version your on click on button help then click about gdevelop

ooh you have solved your issue?

Can you provide detail on what is actually incorrect?

Just to be clear here: Everything shown in your very first screenshot, which you state is from the tutorial, exactly matches the current engine layout and verbiage.

The only thing that changed was some buttons on the left of the row were moved to the center, which have nothing to do with the event sheet or the buttons used for conditions/events. The button circled in red in the screenshot you posted is still at the same place in the engine, so if you can be more specific about what is missing or incorrect, someone can update it.