How to add a transition effect?

Hi guy, I’m here again with the same project of mine.

My game has a pixelated graphics. I want to add a transition effect if I change a scene. I want the effect to start where my player is and goes to full screen.

To be specific. If my player collided with my object it should start the animation. I want the animation to look like a a small square from the player and the grows until it covers the entire screen while it it rotating. After the transition end, the next scene should be there.

I will really appreciate it if your answer comes with the events itself. I’m really having a bad time with this. I spent almost half a day just by doing this. Thank you very much.

Are you trying to do something like this, I did a transition in one of my game, press the play button and aee if you are looking for that. Bubble up! by Leo Red
I used the tween behaviour to do it. If you were looking for that, I will try to share how I did it

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Thanks for your help but I’ve already decided to do a simple transition animation. It consumes my time a lot just by doing the animation. Still, thanks for your help.

For your specific desired effect there isn’t an out of the box way to do it outside of you making an animation sprite in general.

There may be some ways to use a shape painter to do it, but you will be doing an exceptional amount of math, and it won’t look “right” for a pixelated graphic game as it’ll be extremely sharp/high resolution.

That said, there are some transition effects available via this user made extension here, they may meet your needs as well if you don’t end up wanting to make an animation: Flash and transition painter · Issue #84 · GDevelopApp/GDevelop-extensions · GitHub


Wow! Thanks men. I know I’ve seen you a lot in many forums. I would like to say that I appreciate your help a lot. I will help too when I can already do it. Thank you again. :smile: