How to add animation when a character touches the checkpoint

So. I have an animation for a checkpoint when it is activated. I need to make the animation change when touched (to make it clearer, a checkpoint is a stone that should glow when the player touches it again)

Is it as simple as:

Condition: when player is in collision with checkpoint
Action: change animation of checkpoint to glow
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Thanks, it works, but I need animation 2 (glow) to be only for half a second when the player walks by, the rest of the time animation 1 should be played if the checkpoint is activated. if check point is not activated then 0

Either use a timer to keep track on how long the animation has been running.

Or, add a second frame to the glow animation using the image from animation 0. Then, set your glow animation time to 0.5 seconds, and keep looping off.