How to add banner ads properly?

Can someone advise what I’m doing wrong?

I am using the below events in order to load test banner ads

Nothing shows up when I export the game.

I do have an AdMob account which I use to show rewarded ads (Rewarded works fine for me)

Hi I’m not here to help, but please consider to change the screenshot or at least hide your Admob ID.

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Hi, thanks for your comment.

No worries for this, I used the demo codes from Enabling test ads  |  Android  |  Google Developers

I think you should reverse the “banner is loading” condition and remember to use “trigger once”

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You can try like this

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Thanks, guys :smile:,I used your advice and I managed to make it work.

Had no idea that I should reverse the events.

This is how I made it work

@UlisesFreitas events may be more useful so I’ll definitely implement them

Kinda sucks that we can’t fix the exact position of the banner, but this will also work for now.