How to add clicks per click in a clicker game

So i want to make a upgrade in my clicker game which adds +2 clicks per one click. And i have no idea how to. I followed the GDevelop video “How to make a cookie clicker” and made some timer based upgrades, but i want to add clicks per click and don’t know how. Please help me!!

Hi, instead of increasing your variable by 1, you just increase it by 2 after the upgrade:

The upgrade depends probably on the values of some of your variables, so you need to put those values or booleans as conditions in the event (in the event above I just set 50 or more cookies to get the upgrade).

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Thank you so so much!!

Hey! I didn’t express myself correctly, im sorry, what i wanted was an upgrade which when bought, increases my clicks for one click, to two clicks ( basically i have a sprite in the middle, and when i click it without the upgrade it gives me one click, and i want it to give me 2 cookies when i click it, after i buy the upgrade) So sorry for not expressing myself correctly:((!

The logic is the same you only need to add the condition to make it work. In the event that contains the actions for buying the upgrade, you can set a boolean variable (e.g. upgrade_bought) to true.

And then you just use the state of this variable to determine if a click adds 2. If this should just happen once, you can immediately toggle the boolean back to false and the player doesn’t get 2 unless buying the upgrade again:

Thank you a lot, this really helped me!!