How to add delays between repeat actions

Hi, I’m trying to add a delay between each time the repeated actions are performed.
For example, I want to repeat an action Variable(currentStack) number of times, but with a delay in between each actions. I want to use it to animate damaging a player health. Instead of p2 health jumping from 50 to 40 when it is damaged by 10, I want to increment it going from 50, 49, 48… and so on.

Attempt 1:
I tried adding a wait event after the actions, but all the actions still appear to be done at the same time

Attempt 2:
Same issue as above

Attempt 3:
Same as the above, or crashes the game depending on the ordering of the events.

I’m running out of ideas. can anyone help? this seems like a common use case but I cant find any tutorials.

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to achieve, but yes, starting a timer, checking its value, and resetting it, sounds like the way to go.

Avoid writing your events like that, share screenshots instead.

Thank you, I’ve attached screen shots and some more descriptions now

I’d never used the wait command, but it should go before the events you want delayed… but it doesn’t seem compatible (yet?) with the repeat loops.
Here are other ways to proceed, with a counter variable, or with a repeat:

I disabled the last line because you need to put a condition, or it will be executed too fast.

Regarding the wait command, our wiki states: