How to add more time to the count down timer

Hello. I’m trying to make an object that can add up time. You know like those clocks you see in super Mario 3d land. I’m trying to make an abject like that but add ups one second. So can you please show me an image of what you’ve done in your event sheets please.

not alot of context but i think it would be smtg like this

Okay I’ll try. But if it doesn’t work, please show me another coding. In image.

That condition and action @cokiesyum posted should be in the same event, not 2 separate events.

If that doesn’t solve your issue, please post a screen snip of the events you have, and give a more detailed description of what you are after.

Instead of using timer use variable
Create action
Change scene variable Timer SUBTRACT 1*TimeDelta()

And now each sec it will subtract 1 from this variable
AND NOW you can set that variable to lets say 20 with different action
So timer will be 20 and will constantly subtract 1 from it
While you still can set it to ANY OTHER number you want at any given moment
IF you don’t want it to get past 0
Simply make condition Value of scene variable TImer is greater than 0
Left from action where you subtract 1*TimeDelta() from it