How to add pew pew guns?

How to add pew pew guns to my game?

Sorry, I didn’t understand what you mean. Can you explain yourself better? Thanks.

Lasers are often referred to as pew pew guns.

@honkrejci, have a look at this GDevelop example which uses laser weapons

Its a basically a gun doing pew pew sound while shooting. C:

Then you should have said originally that you wanted a sound played while shooting.

Assuming you have the ‘pew’ sound as a file, simply play the sound file when you create and move the bullet.

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But pew pew guns sounds better.

Just going to call out that this is a forum for questions and help. Joke/Meme posts or titles have no place here, and are likely to be removed and can eventually lead to a ban.

MrMen’s answer is correct if you are serious on what you are attempting to do.