How to Adjust Player Speed

Hi, I’m having trouble adjusting a Platform Character’s Speed. When I try to control the speed with Acceleration, Deceleration, and Max Speed it does nothing at all. The end goal is for the speed to be controlled by a Variable.

You can use the Maximum Speed action under Platform BehaviorOptions, if you are using the default Platformer Character behavior.

If you are using Top-Down Movement, find the Maximum Speed action under Top-Down MovementMovement

To assign it a speed value using a variable, make sure to use Variable(var) for a scene variable or GlobalVariable(var) for a global variable, where var is the variable created.

Yeah I fixed my original problem, where the max speed wasn’t working. Just added an “or” condition. I tried to use Variable(Score) (the variable I needed) to adjust the speed but it just sets to 0

Nevermind, figured it out. Just had to use the event tab to change it instead of the Scene Tab.

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